Jasmine Suites Koskinou Rhodes

The Jasmine Suites

Neatly hidden, amongst some of the typical, yet unique paved and pebbled winding streets of this thriving village, you will find a secret to be treasured.

As you open the brightly coloured, “Rhodian style” gates, step through and immerse yourself into the charm, peace and classic traditional style of “The Jasmine Suites”.

Here you will find your secret treasure… comfortable,”old charm”, cozy Rhodian home, each suite giving you an opportunity to experience mediterranean living.

A mirread of corners leading you to the “platia”, the center, a mix of old and new architecture and people!

Jasmine Suites Koskinou Rhodes
Koskinou Traditional House

Yet staying typically Greek. All within the heart and the atmosphere that surrounds every day life in this beautiful diverse Greek village.

Koskinou Village is approximately 15-20min drive from the airport, sitting just off the main “Rhodos-Lindou” road… local beaches and places of interest are in easy access from here.

Jasmine Suites Koskinou Rhodes

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Jasmine Suites Koskinou Rhodes